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Setting new design standards for more than 30 years

Creating Homes that Move You Forward

At Aragon, we create new design standards. We challenge old real estate models. We embrace the importance of living in a changing environment. We contribute to neighbourhoods with undiscovered potential. And, we find comfort in the unexpected. Since our inception over 30 years ago, we've focused on innovative, distinctive design and outstanding quality. Honouring these values, we are committed to creating sophisticated homes.

Aragon’s Approach

If we want to build better homes and communities, we need to push beyond what's easy and strive for what's best. At Aragon, we challenge ourselves to think outside the box, take risks and refine our craft through constant innovation. These are the values that guide everything we do.
There are thousands of different decisions to make when you're building a home. At Aragon, we've spent the last three decades thinking about every one of those choices. We know that each one is a chance to champion livability—and throw the status quo out the window.
A community has the incredible power to shape the lives of its residents—as they, in turn, shape the community. When we live in diverse, engaging neighborhoods, we're empowered to thrive in new ways.
In order to create new design standards, you need to do things differently. We raise the bar through experimentation—finding novel building techniques and thoughtful touches that improve livability at every turn.

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